Grocery Cart of Death

Think about the kind of old man or old lady you want to be. If you want to schlep around an oxygen tank on your scooter, fill up the traditional Grim Reaper grocery cart and get ready to thrill your kids with long discussions about your meds. Otherwise, join me on this journey in rediscovering food as health and joy.

There are tons of articles and TV shows about weight loss and eating healthy but they are just bunk. As I was flipping channels I stopped on a “news” segment of a woman in the produce department of the grocery store. She was saying that she lets her kids eat a lot of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets but she vows that she’s going to feed them more fruits and vegetables. Sounds good, right?

As you might have gathered, I have a problem with this, hence the blog. They showed her filling up her cart with genetically modified (GM) corn, squash, loads of vegetables that were covered in pesticides, meat that was surely grown in a confined feed lot then pumped with antibiotics and hormones. Not to mention the low fat dairy packed with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) being gleefully flung into her cart. rBHG makes the cows produce more milk but also produces a ton of puss in the milk so then the cow has to be shot up with antibiotics. rBGH has also been found to cause cancer. One of the men who purportedly did the research on rBGH went out and bought himself a cow, but it’s perfectly safe for our consumption.

Sorry, back to the grocery cart of death. The lady also had a bunch of those 100 calorie fake snack monstrosities that are nothing but genetically modified corn ingredients held together by sugar (which is also a GM ingredient). She was all smiles for the camera with her new “healthy” diet met by nodding approval from the skeletal reporter with her flip-tastic hair and statement jewelry.

That was me a year ago; the smiley lady, not the reporter. I just didn’t get it. I was afraid to eat at times because it seemed no matter what I ate, I ended up gaining weight. So I’d go to a meeting where I got weighed once a week counted my food points and bought the little snacks of cheese flavored cardboard from the group leader.

By good fortune I stumbled upon information about genetically modified foods, which forced me to read about organic meat, produce and dairy and why I should never eat anything but organic EVER AGAIN. I realized that I could eat; really eat and not that low fat disgusting paste, but real food without guilt.

I have rebuilt my faulty relationship with food. I am enjoying cooking beautiful meals with fragrant herbs and vibrant colors. As a nation, we are so far removed from our food that it makes me sad. If you really want to be healthy and lose weight, eat REAL organic food that you cook. It’s pretty simple.

Your body does not know what a low fat animal cracker is, trust me. It wants to nourish you with that gluey bunch of chemicals, but how? It will however recognize what to do with grass-fed beef, organic chicken, fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Try some of my recipes under the “Recipe Category” or search for other real food recipes on sites such as

The very least you can do is help your body out by giving it food it can recognize. Eating well is your insurance against cancer, chronic disease states, auto immune disease, and premature aging.

Grocery cart of death or grocery cart of a bad ass “Glam Ma”?

Author: Lauren

Plant-based educator and speaker

3 thoughts on “Grocery Cart of Death”

  1. I really do love your blog! I read it in my head and you sound just like me… my boyfriend does the old eye roll as well I drive him nuts. But he doesn’t complain when he has delicious real food to eat and nice toiletries to use! Its nice to know people are waking up 🙂

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