How Do I know GMOs are Unsafe?

As my husband has said to me, “Show me the evidence that GMOs are unsafe.”

Here you go. Warning, you’ll be damn mad you watched this the next time you go to your favorite Mexican restaurant and reach for a tortilla chip. You’ll never look at it with such drooling adoration again. Curse you, Monsanto. I loved chips and queso. I live in Texas for crying out loud and nothing goes better with a Margarita!

Okay, I’m scared. Thank you, Lauren. What the hell can I eat? You can eat anything that has the “USDA Certified Organic,” seal on it and anything that has the “NON GMO Project “seal on it. It doesn’t mean there are not traces of GMOs in it due to cross pollination, but the levels will be very low.

Any product or produce that is organic cannot knowingly use GMO products or seeds. Anything that has the NON GMO Project seal on it has been verified by a third party not to have any GMOs in it.

I have switched everything in my house to organic. Everything. Meat, dairy (the whole rBGH is another topic, but trust me, you don’t want to eat that cancer causing hormone and puss producing thing – yes, it causes puss in the milk, hence the whole antibiotics in your milk and meat situation), fruits, vegetables, cereal, ketchup, bread, pickles, you name it, it’s now organic at my house.

Now, don’t go crazy and throw everything in your pantry away. Just replace it as it comes up. I know you are going to tell me that it’s too expensive to buy everything organic. Yes, it is, but really not as bad as you might think. I want to hedge my bets on the side that I won’t get cancer and auto immune diseases and more importantly, I don’t want to feed my children anything that is harmful to them. It’s worth a few extra dollars at the grocery store.

There is a non-GMO shopping Guide. Quite frankly, I tried that, it’s exhausting. You can read every label, but I’ve done that too. I promise you, if it’s in a box or a bag and it’s NOT CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC, it contains a GMO. Remember, the most common GMOs are corn, sugar, soy, cottonseed oil, and canola oil. Those products or some version of it, are in 90% of packaged foods. If it’s meat, eggs or dairy and it’s not organic, you really do not want to eat it.

Yes, you can eat fruits and vegetables that are not corn, squash, zucchini and Hawaiian papaya as those are the only GMO crops (and alfalfa, but that is feed for animals – again, eat organic meat). However, they have been pounded with pesticides. I think we can agree, pesticides are not good for us to eat. You can’t wash them off. They are in your fruits and vegetables. The worst are the berries, peaches, and potatoes. Buy organic.

You will still be eating plenty of GMOs when you go out to eat, so do your best when you are at home and you can control what you eat.

By the way, don’t assume the meat at Whole Foods is organic. Most of the time it’s not. Those cows might be frolicking in the pasture and eating grass, but that grass has been sprayed with pesticides. Don’t assume your local Farmer’s Market is organic. You have to ask. I learned that one the hard way too.

The bottom line is that if we tell our friends and they tell their friends not to buy things containing GMOs, pretty soon, there will be a shift and the food industry will take note. Money talks. Most importantly, I don’t want to watch one more friend get sick. This wasn’t a very funny post. I’ll try to be more engaging when I don’t have to talk about the cancer.

Author: Lauren

Plant-based educator and speaker

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