Fake Food is Making us Sick and Fat

Fake food is making us sick and fat. Period.

Almost everyone knows someone who suffers from a chronic disease state or suffers from one themselves.

When a person goes to the doctor with an ailment, the doctor probably looks him/ her over, maybe runs some tests then states what is wrong with him/her and prescribes a medication. WHY? Are these people short on Lipitor or Symbicort in their bodies? Why not look for the root cause?

There are a million disease states, but really only one problem if you are sick; one or more of your systems is out of whack. It most likely started in the Digestive or Gastrointestinal System. Your body is loaded with toxins, heavy metals, fungus, and the bad variety of bacteria; most likely caused by our country’s horrendous food supply.

According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
“From 1988–1994 through 2007–2010, the percentage of adults 20 years of age and over with grade 1 obesity [a body mass index (BMI) of 30.0–34.9] increased from 14% to 20%. Those with grade 2 obesity (BMI of 35.0–39.9) nearly doubled, from 5% to 9%, and those with grade 3 or higher obesity (BMI of 40 or higher) rose from 3% to 6%.”

Listen to this, from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: (it almost sounds like bragging to me):
” In the United States, spending for prescription drugs was $234.1 billion in 2008, which was more than double what was spent in 1999 (1). As new drugs are introduced and new uses for old drugs are found, more patients can have improved health and quality of life with the appropriate use of prescription drugs. Current prescription drug use patterns need to be better understood. This report provides an overview of current prescription drug use in the United States, how many and what kinds of drugs are currently being prescribed, and who receives them.”

More from the CDC website:
• Percent of persons using at least one prescription drug in the past month: 47.9% (2005-2008)
• Percent of persons using three or more prescription drugs in the past month: 21.4% (2005-2008)
• Percent of persons using five or more prescription drugs in the past month: 10.5% (2005-2008)

And these statistics are five years old. Can you imagine the numbers now?

What has happened over the past twenty-five years to make our obesity rate and our use of prescription drugs double? One glaring change is that our quality of food has gone down immensely.

We have gone against nature and we are finding out, “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature,” to quote an old TV commercial, ironically for margarine. Turns out, she was right.

The animals we eat are fed hormones in order to grow to full size before they are ready in confined, inhumane spaces. The cows have been made to produce more milk than they would in nature in faster times without the benefit of grazing. Cows, chickens and pigs are fed GMO corn and soy and who knows what while they never see the light of day. They get sick from these conditions so they are pumped full of antibiotics. If they are sick and we eat them; we get sick.

Meanwhile, our crops of corn, soy, canola, cottonseed, sugar beet etc. are genetically modified by forcing the DNA of one species into another via a virus. You can read more about that in previous blogs. The point being, we are again trying to take short cuts with Mother Nature. Not only is the DNA of the crops changed, but it is changed in the name of withstanding MORE PESTICIDES. Let’s not forget that the Monsanto Company, the makers of the Round-Up Ready patented GMO seeds are the same makers of DDT and Agent Orange. They swore up and down that those chemicals were perfectly safe for us.

All this adds up to the United States being one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) does not rank anymore since 2000 due to the complexity of this issue, but at the last ranking, the U.S. was number 37. We were behind countries that I’ve never heard of!
1 France
2 Italy
3 San Marino
4 Andorra
5 Malta
6 Singapore
7 Spain
8 Oman
9 Austria
10 Japan
11 Norway
12 Portugal
13 Monaco
14 Greece
15 Iceland
16 Luxembourg
17 Netherlands
18 United Kingdom
19 Ireland
20 Switzerland
21 Belgium
22 Colombia
23 Sweden
24 Cyprus
25 Germany
26 Saudi Arabia
27 United Arab Emirates
28 Israel
29 Morocco
30 Canada
31 Finland
32 Australia
33 Chile
34 Denmark
35 Dominica
36 Costa Rica
37 United States of America

Now to add insult to injury, I just saw on Food Democracy’s Facebook page that the FDA is being lobbied to let the dairy industry add Aspartame to milk without a label. Seriously? What is next, arsenic in baby formula?
“According to the FDA notice issued this week: IDFA and NMPF state that the proposed amendments would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products. They state that lower-calorie flavored milk would particularly benefit school children who, according to IDFA and NMPF, are more inclined to drink flavored milk than unflavored milk at school.
Although the FDA considers aspartame to be a “safe and suitable” sweetener, a recent Yale University study appears to directly challenge the claim that aspartame would reduce obesity. In fact, the study concluded just the opposite that artificial sweeteners actually contributed to obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
Related: MSG and Aspartame Are the Two Leading Causes of Central Nervous System Damage in the United States”
I believe the sentence, “IDFA and NMPF state that the proposed amendments would promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products,” sums it up.
Fake food is making Americans sick and fat. Period.
Buy only organic meat and dairy. The most highly pesticided fruits and vegetables are peaches, potatoes, and berries. AVOID CORN, SOY, CANOLA, SUGAR AND COTTONSEED UNLESS IT IS ORGANIC.

Author: Lauren

Plant-based educator and speaker

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