Plant-based Grocery List

I know it’s cliche but the new year is a good time to begin better habits. There is no better habit to adopt than eating a plant-based diet. I’ve made it easy to get the staples that you will need. veggies

*MUST BE ORGANIC because it is on the dirty dozen list or may contain GMOs if it is not. Do you need your dirty dozen (most highly pesticided produce) and clean fifteen (can be conventional) list again? Don’t forget, that greens and hot peppers are super pesticided!

Produce (go crazy, these are the basics)

kale*Organic Kale







Sweet potatoes

* Zucchini

* Cilantro



Fruits – be sure to refer to the dirty dozen list!

Grains, pastas, crackers etc.



*Organic Brown rice

Quinoa pasta, Ancient Harvest brandancient-grains

Sprouted Flatzza (pizza crust) find at flattza

Mary’s Gone Crackers

rice-snapsOrganic brown rice snaps unsalted, plain

Tomato sauce/products Do not buy canned tomatoes. Tomatoes in a glass jar are fine.

Engine 2 fat free marinara, Whole Foods

Or Whole Foods Brand fat free marina

Jovial crushed tomatoes, Whole Foods


*Steel cut oats
*Rolled oats

ezekiel-cerealEzekiel (cinnamon raisin is my favorite)




Legumes (can be canned but the can must be BPA free, Eden or Westbrae)







Tortilla Chips

*Organic corn tortillas that you will bake in the oven


Milk Substitutes (Make sure they are free of carrageenan) I use:

oat-milkOat milk – Pacific Brand

Hemp milk – Pacific Brand, original flavor

Spices/condiments etc.

Nutritional yeast (make sure it has B vitamins) – this is what you will use to make things “cheesy”




Garlic powder

Coconut flavor

*Organic ketchup

Dijon mustard


Hummus (I buy Whole Foods brand, low fat)

Balsamic vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Bragg’s liquid aminos

*maple syrup

Sriracha Sauce, Sky Valley brand


Organic white whole wheat flour

Quinoa flour

Baking powder

Baking soda

*corn starch

*Organic sugar

*Organic brown sugar


*Unsweetened apple sauce

Ener G egg replaceregg-replacer




Yeast – Red Star brand

Frozen (I love the ease and value of frozen organic veggies and fruit)




Green beans

*Berries and fruit for smoothies

Ezekiel Frozen breads and English muffins




Author: Lauren

Plant-based educator and speaker

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